Why I started this blog

The inevitable question…Why would I start a blog?

This blog is going to be my outlet for casual writing, my way of processing and reflecting, and perhaps even a way to share my own path to seeking financial guidance.

I’m launching this blog with no goal in mind other than that – to share, process, and reflect on my own journey. The journey I’m beginning on started a few years ago when I joined the “ivory towers” of academia as a lecturer at Clemson University. This year I’ve begun a new chapter in my personal and professional life, beginning a doctoral program in Personal Financial Planning at Kansas State University.

I remember when I applied to program, stating that tenure and prestige wasn’t my goal of pursuing a doctorate degree. This is still true today. My own goal is to increase my knowledge, to increase my ability to do more, and to be able to add to the body of knowledge in a field I’ve found myself graciously immersed in – Personal Financial Planning.

“A doctorate student is supposed to add knowledge…”

Dr. Charles Chaffin, 2019 Summer Residence, Kansas State University

The journey ahead of me is going to be a long one, filled with challenging assignments, difficult tasks, and boundary-pushing moments – and I can’t wait. I don’t know how many times I’ll post (weekly, monthly, etc.), or what topics I’ll talk about. With the start of this endeavor I like the goal of posting 1-2 times a month, on what I’m learning, what I’m reading, and what I’m experiencing in my teaching, research, reading, and general life experiences. I do know that I want the posts to be centered around my own journey to seek guidance.

What do I mean by seeking guidance?

I see the doctoral program as a journey of seeking knowledge – the ultimate journey of finding the answer to a question. But what does the answer matter if you’re not about to share, disseminate, or transfer to others?

Guidance – “the direction provided by a guide.”

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Guidance is the direction provided by a guide, or by a trusted person. A guide is someone who possesses the knowledge, and a willingness and desire to share. The acquisition of knowledge alone isn’t sufficient. My journey is to seek guidance, to seek out the knowledge that others are willing to share, and in turn to share it with others on their own journey. This blog, along with my teaching and research, are going to be where this occurs.

So, whether you’re reading this at the start, in the middle, or at the end of your own journey (or mine), my hope is that we’re able to share, and that you find meaning in my journey to seek financial guidance.

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