Self Care – Why it’s Important

So let’s talk Self Care. I’m at the front end of at least a 4 year journey of long nights, quick project turnarounds, and balancing multiple demands. If you’re me at this point, you already want to take a break.

This is the point of Self Care – as a student and as a professional. Let’s face it, we’re all human, and it’s okay to take a break every now and then. We can’t go nonstop, 24/7 and expect the results to great, either for our work, our family, or our own mental and physical health.

It’s so easy, if you’re like me, to go nonstop until you can’t go anymore. I’ve literally experienced the thrill of waking up at 7am, working nonstop through the morning, afternoon, and evening to complete a project or series of project. And guess what, I paid for it the next day.

I’ve come to the realization that hard work is good, but so is taking care of yourself. Yes, sometimes you just need to power through to reach a deadline. But, all the time you need to take care of yourself. Self care is an ongoing objective in a healthy lifestyle.

Self care is an ongoing objective in a healthy lifestyle.

As I’m preparing down this journey, I have to remind myself that Self Care will be an essential part of staying productive, happy, and supportive of those around me.

Here are some of my ideas for how I’ll achieve Self Care:

Be Outside – take frequent breaks, walk around the house, take a walk with one of my dogs, take a walk with my wife, or even just sit outside and enjoy what I can see and hear in nature.

Read for Fun – it can’t be overstated, reading the same thing all the time can be an emotionally and mentally draining task. I plan to keep a “fun” book and read a little each night to reward myself for a productive day.

Exercise – let’s be honest, I’m not the most in-shape person right now. I want to, no, I will do better for myself and those around me. I plan on starting slowly, like a walk-jog, or a bike ride each week. Then, hopefully, increasing the frequency until I’m spending 3-4 times a week exercising.

Unplug – yes, I said it. It’s so important to unplug and be present in your relationships, whether friends, family, or significant others. My wife and I love to go camping. It’ll be tough, but so worth it to commit to unplugging from day-to-day responsibilities and just be present.

Self care looks different for each person. Some people have different thresholds, different emotional, and different physical requirements.








Spend time with loved ones

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