Josh Harris is a finance nerd…he geeks out about all things money. It’s only natural he found his way to teaching Personal Finance and Financial Planning at Clemson University after serving as a personal banker for several years. His appetite to learn more lead him to begin his doctoral studies at Kansas State University in 2019 where he focuses his studies on the intersection of Family and Finances.

Life’s full of good ideas – here are some of mine (mostly good).

As a doctoral student and honestly a lifelong student, I’m always reading, writing, and seeking the boundaries of what I know just so I can push back. While not all of my endeavors have or will lead to publication either here or in other outlets – scholarly and public – they do represent my genuine curiosity to seek more guidance.

What I’m working on now

Self-Esteem & Financial Resiliency

K-6 Financial Literacy

Client Trust of Financial Planners in the Age of Virtual Meetings

Integrating Play into Financial Planning

Recent Published Work

Integrating Financial Therapy within Family-Owned Businesses: A Theoretical Case Vignette with Recommended Strategies for Consulting with Copreneurs.
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Expanding Career Paths to Include Research and Teaching
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Book Review: Client Psychology
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